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Regenerative Business Solutions We are passionate about what we are doing
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In Columbia, we aim for something higher, over and above the ordinary. That’s how we see the world. Go beyond the standard to help differentiate your business. This brings about long-term advantages that will help sustain your business over time. We help you play the long game! Strategy isn’t just about the next move. Effective planning looks ahead - and beyond. Many businesses leave money on the table. In today’s market, you can’t always make it up in volume. Follow up is critical – and its often just not there. In short – we help you do more with what you have. It costs more to get a new customer, client or employee

than to keep one you already have. Systems often undermine your upfront investment in a new customer, client or employee. Everything needs to be aligned with your vision. When long-term employees leave, they often take their institutional knowledge with them. We don’t look for a balance between people and systems – that’s a false choice. You not only can have both, you need both in order to thrive! We look for red flags, markers, benchmarks and patterns – we help to spot trends so you can get out in front and stay ahead. Training as time dimensioned-experiential learning – not just an event!

What we do Consulting expertise for business, life, and community!

Through the use of innovative green best practices, focused on sustainability, work life balance, and an engaged workforce, we help you – from start up to maturity – grow, adapt and thrive in a changing business and economic environment.


Why choose RBS? “There are three constants in life... change,
choice and principles.” ~ Stephen Covey


Adapt and thrive amid the challenges and demands of a changing economic, community or personal landscape.


Achieve balance because while running a business or organization is demanding, you shouldn’t have to choose between your work and personal life.


Bring your vision into reality through values-based decisions that focus your energies on where you want your business, organization and life to go.

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We want to help you create organizations and businesses that build and nurture healthy, inclusive team cultures where your team members are invested in the success of the business, solve problems and create memorable customer experiences.

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